Anonymous asks:

Hey, longtime fan, do you think you would ever do another speed nuzlocke like you did for fire red a few years ago?

That was… sort of a unique situation.  Jim the Editor and I normally live on different continents, but for New Year’s Eve at the end of 2017 we were together, with no other company, in a Scottish winter with not a lot else to do.  So, precisely like that, no, absolutely not, or at least not in the next few years.  But I won’t rule out doing some lowish effort write-ups of Pokémon playthroughs in the nearer future. Which, uh… knowing me, will transition seamlessly into high effort write-ups that I can’t possibly finish. Che será, será.

2 thoughts on “Anonymous asks:

  1. I’d love to hear your speedrun take on pokemon Colosseum and XD…shall I ask this in question format for the world to see and encourage you?


    1. Hmm. I never played those, because my family never had a… a… what is the console called? I want to say a… Game… Box? But I guess you can probably get it on an emulator, right? Or is there even an official virtual console release?

      I’ll… think about it.

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