Okay, guys, we’re on a roll: Haxorus, Galvantula, Reuniclus and Ferrothorn; that’s four in a row!  And the next entry in the Pokédex is…

…yeah, I totally just jinxed myself, didn’t I?

d9e63-emolgaMy next Pokémon is Emolga, the cute electrical rodent Pokémon.  Yes, you’re experiencing déjà vu for a reason.  It’s a glitch in Game Freak’s design process; it happens when they change nothing.  Because, yes, this is exactly what you think it is: a flying Pikachu. Continue reading “Emolga”

Rufflet and Braviary

11602-ruffletOh look.  Another bird Pokémon.  Whoo.  I am ecstatic.  Can you tell?

Luckily for him, Braviary is a huge badass eagle Pokémon that knocks the stuffing out of Pokémon like Fearow and Pidgeot.  Even more luckily for him, that’s not all he is.  The single feather on Rufflet’s head, and Braviary’s feather ‘headdress,’ seem to be intended to call to mind the headgear of Native American warriors of the central United States, like the Comanche and Cheyenne.  As such, their personality is centred around a warrior outlook; they fight each other often for practice, but protect each other ferociously when attacked.  Battle scars are a mark of prestige with them and they never back down from fear of a strong opponent.  Braviary is incredibly strong and can lift small cars in flight (no, I’m sure it’s not possible but who cares?) and Rufflet can… crush berries with his claws?  Am I missing something here?  The Pokédex reports that as though it should sound impressive, but… what?  Continue reading “Rufflet and Braviary”

Ducklett and Swanna

1176a-ducklettTwo more bird Pokémon enter the fray, these ones based on the humble duck and regal swan.  Are they interesting?  Probably not?  Are they powerful?  I doubt it.  Do I like them?  Heck no, but let’s look at them anyway.

Part of me assumes that Ducklett and Swanna are supposed to reference the fairy tale of the ugly duckling, the repulsive-looking baby bird who was shunned by his peers and the rest of the animal kingdom, suffered untold hardships in a cruel world he was not made to live in, grew strong from adversity by learning the true meaning of friendship, and died alone in the middle of a swamp, upside down with his head jammed into a hollow log filled with soft peat.  Or something like that.  I’m a little hazy on the finer details.  Anyway, I originally assumed that’s what Ducklett and Swanna are about, but I’m no longer sure that can be it because Ducklett really isn’t ugly.  She’s not flat-out adorable but she’s reasonably cute.  If that is what Game Freak were aiming for with this design then they picked a strange way to go about it. Continue reading “Ducklett and Swanna”


26a15-sigilyphToday I get a tantalising glimpse of something I really wish the Pokémon games would spend more time on: the history of the Pokémon universe.  There are a fair number of ancient ruins in the Pokémon world left behind by some now-defunct civilisation and there’s not a whole lot we know about them – personally I put this down to the fact that the archaeologists of this world are (speaking as an archaeology student) even more frighteningly incompetent,  if that’s possible, than their zoologists.  What we can figure out for ourselves, however, is that Pokémon were quite as important in the past as they are in the present, and a few in particular – such as this bizarre-looking creature, Sigilyph.  Sigilyph’s curious appearance has a vaguely Native American feel to me but I don’t know a lot about American archaeology – I think a friend of mine said she looks sort of Hopi?  The text of her Pokédex entries doesn’t draw on Native American themes so an alternative possibility is that they just started drawing and kept going until they got something that looked entirely spooky and alien – and either way, it worked.  Continue reading “Sigilyph”

Woobat and Swoobat

2b2f4-woobatDoes everyone remember Zubat?  The blood-sucking, supersonic-screaming, night-flying hell-beasts that used to fill your face whenever you set foot inside a cave in any Pokémon game ever?  You all remember how annoying those things were?

They’re gone!  Hah-HAH!  Those horrible things are finally gone!

I am not really sure how I feel about what’s been left in their place, however.  Continue reading “Woobat and Swoobat”

Archen and Archeops

9b6b7-archen…hang on, didn’t we do this already?  Like, way back in Generation One?  There was this prehistoric aerial predator, and it was a Rock/Flying-type, and it was really fast, and- oh, wait, no, that was Aerodactyl.  Aerodactyl is a pterosaur and Archeops is, well, an archaeopteryx, so there you have it.  Personally, as something of a dinosaurs-and-other-Mesozoic-beasties buff, I think that there’s quite enough of a distinction between an archaeopteryx and a pterodactyl to warrant having separate Pokémon, but that’s just me.  I suspect many (read: normal) people might disagree.  So, anyway, if we fire up the old Pokémadex, we learn that Archeops is the “First Bird” Pokémon from which all modern bird Pokémon supposedly descend.  This… raises more questions than it answers, actually.  Like, how come all prehistoric Pokémon were Rock-types?  Continue reading “Archen and Archeops”

Pidove, Tranquill and Unfezant

…great.  Another Normal/Flying bird Pokémon.  I have a message for Nintendo, which I shall include here on the off chance that it should somehow make its way before the board of directors in the fullness of time:


f8a28-pidove*sigh* All right.  Let’s have a look at you, then.  Mmm-hmm… mmm-hmm… Okay, so Pidove is kinda cute, Tranquill’s all right, and Unfezant is… quite interesting, actually; the designers have put in an effort to give it the kind of sexual dimorphism that’s so common in real-world birds, and I really have to applaud this.  The male version might be considered a bit over-the-top, but frankly there are some real male birds that look even more ridiculous.  Overall, I think it’s quite a good design for a Normal/Flying bird Pokémon.  But for heaven’s sake, we’ve already had a dozen different quite good designs for Normal/Flying bird Pokémon!  Time for a walk down memory lane… Continue reading “Pidove, Tranquill and Unfezant”