Anonymous asks:

When is WordPress opening?

Uh… soon.  I don’t know; I was going to try and reformat all the old posts first (because the image captions are all gone, and the paragraph breaks are weird, and there’s slime in all the tubes, and reader questions came through really ugly, and all the hyperlinks that refer to other stuff I’ve written will point back to Tumblr, and the new school buses are up on blocks, and so on), but I did the Unova Pokédex ones and it took ages so now I don’t know if I have the heart to do it all at once.  So I’ll probably just declare the move and then clean up the mess later.

Anonymous asks:

hi u ok

Yes!  Uh, probably.  Still living in Athens; for a little bit I was on Delos where no one actually lives and the internet is crap, and in a few weeks I’ll be going to Corinth for a dig (or, I mean, people will be digging; I’ve been promised a chance to sit in the museum and play with the Roman window glass from previous excavation seasons, so… yay!).  Not super busy this month, so you should see some more stuff here for once!  Want to try and do Mudsdale this week, and another one the week after.  And I’ve been working on… another minor thing… Greece-related rather than Pokémon-related… that you may all be able to read in some form in the months to come (apologies for being mysterious but I don’t want to promise things before I know I can deliver them). Continue reading “Anonymous asks:”

Anonymous asks:

Are you ever going to continue your anime reviews? You left it hanging 8 episodes away from the end of the Indigo league! The people demand a conclusion!

well the people are a bunch of demanding little $#!ts, aren’t they


I mean

In principle, yes; in practice, there’s always something else I should be doing.  Like, should I do that instead of reviewing 7th generation Pokémon?  Clearly not.  But even when I’m done with that (which, at my current pace, is likely to be some time in 2039) there are other things I have in mind to do which I’m more excited about.

Anonymous asks:

I love your insight and your posts!!! You’ve made me think about the Pokémon world in ways I never looked at. Just one question, do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by your commitment to this?





Seriously though… yes, most of the time.  But the thing is, I’m an academic, and academia has a way of trying to make itself into the only source of achievement or self-worth in your life, in a way that’s honestly kinda toxic.  So even if it’s hard to find the time for it, I think it’s important for me, personally, to keep doing this.  That, and it’s good to always be writing.