Anonymous asks:

I hate asking anything non-Pokémon here (assuming you even answer another, I know this is a Pokémon blog-thing) but in response to that previous Star Wars question, you mentioned the many Bothans who died – wasn’t that to get the plans to the OTHER Death Star? I thought I distinctly remember that being the other Death Star, which was why they weren’t in the movie…

see this is why I’m a Pokémon nerd and not a Star Wars nerd

BennettF asks:

I caught that Doctor Who reference! “Coward, any day.” Great read as usual, I always love your way of looking at things from a realistic point of view and taking that to the logical conclusion. Congratulations on completing your Moon write-up!

Wasn’t actually meant to be a reference to anything, other than my own comments about cowardice in a previous chapter, but sure, let’s roll with it.  I’m glad you enjoyed it!

Anonymous asks:

You play Magikarp Jump yet? If so, do you have any comments or opinions about it. (For me the art and the concept of the game are really cute, but gameplay can get a bit repitive)

I haven’t, and I know I probably should but I’ve got a trip coming up and stuff to organise and I really just want to get on with writing about Sun and Moon, so honestly I’m probably not going to any time soon.

Anonymous asks:

What’d you think of Homestuck’s ending?

I liked it.  I know a lot of people were disappointed, and thought it left too many loose ends, which I think is sort of fine, in a way, because so much of Homestuck’s aesthetic is “random $#!t happening for no reason,” and there are times when it explicitly calls itself out for that.  We see enough of the happy ending stuff to fill in the blanks, I think.  Although I will grant you I’m still not entirely sure what Vriska did to destroy Lord English.

Anonymous asks:

What kind of music do you listen to?

I sort of don’t, really.  I have a great big iTunes playlist of my favourite video game music (lots from Pokémon, lots from Civ V, lots from Undertale, lots from Homestuck which isn’t a video game but sort of acts like one, quite a bit from Baldur’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights, little bit from Starcraft, little bit from Final Fantasy), but I don’t follow any bands or performers, and to be honest couldn’t even name many, or describe them in terms of genre.

vikingboybilly asks:

I really really want your opinion of Undertale. Is it the antithesis of pokémon? Forcing pokémon into the subject matter will make you obligated to write about it.

Oh, FINE, but only because Undertale deserves to be talked about.

Note: if you haven’t played this game, then 1) you should seriously consider it because it is fantastic; in my opinion it pushes the current boundaries of what video games as a medium can accomplish, and it does that in maybe 6 hours of play time and with a $US 10 price tag, and 2) avoid spoilers like the plague; I mean it.  As a corollary to 2), I’ll speak here in only the vaguest and most circumspect terms possible.

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Brick3621 asks:

You were indifferent to the FFVII remake announcement, so here’s hoping this is more relevant to your interests: Last Thursday, Nintendo threw everybody for a loop by showcasing Cloud Strife as the latest DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Any thoughts on the opportunity to see him interact with the likes of Pikachu?

Well, I’ve never played Smash Bros, and honestly I’m not likely to… but hey, Cloud Strife vs. the Wii Fit Trainer?  Hell, yeah; Omnislash the $#!t out of that smug health-conscious b!tch!