jeffthelinguist asks:

Clownfish are all born male but in a group of male adult clownfish, one becomes bigger, meaner, and female. I’ve always thought clownfish would be a great fish Pokémon. (Granted we have a lot of fish Pokémon already but do we really need Basculim?) It could have an evolution method matching the gender changing and an anemone counterpart that it could mesh with in doubles. What do you think about this idea? How would you implement it?

First of all, an apology to this and dozen-odd other questions I have received over the past… month and a half, ish… which I will endeavour to answer over the course of the next week.

Now. I know one thing, and that is that we definitely do not need Basculin because Basculin is dumb.

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All right, so there’s these two fish, and they hate each other.  Okay, Game Freak, I like where you’re going with this.  What else?

Oh, you mean that’s it?  All right, well, what do the two fish evolve into?

…nothing?  That’s… err… nice.  So, uh, what differences are there between the two fish?

…there’s a red one and a blue one.


4c62d-basculinToday on Pokémaniacal I have the dubious pleasure of discussing Basculin.  There are red Basculin and blue Basculin, and they hate each other.  That’s really all there is to it, and to be honest even that seems to be open to interpretation; the Pokédex entry for Basculin on Black version says that red and blue ones will start fighting the instant they meet, but the entry on White version contends that Basculin sometimes do mingle with schools of the opposite colour, despite normally hating each other.  So, to make this clear… the only vaguely amusing thing about these Pokémon is that they hate each other… and they don’t even hate each other all that much!  We don’t know why they hate each other – well, actually, they seem to hate just about everything, but we don’t know why they hate each other particularly – nor do we have any reason to care since there’s nothing else interesting about them.  Continue reading “Basculin”