Anonymous asks:

Are there any Pokémon that you think ought to be retyped?

Mmm… it would have been nice if Masquerain had kept Bug/Water instead of transitioning to Bug/Flying; it would have made him more unique (although I suppose we have Araquanid now, so… eh).  Shinx, Luxio and Luxray would perhaps have been more interesting as Electric/Dark as well, and they have the aesthetic down.  Oh, and definitely Rufflet and Braviary as Fighting/Flying; I think that would have made them much more competent and given them a point of difference from all the other Flying-types.  I don’t think anything else particularly comes to mind… maybe Gothita, Gothorita and Gothitelle as Psychic/Dark but I’m not sure I’m wild about that one.  Minior is… a problem, because it’s nothing like other Flying-types and much more closely resembles a lot of Levitate Pokémon like Lunatone and Solrock, but since it has a defining signature ability you can’t give it Levitate.  Not sure what I would do with that one.

Rufflet and Braviary

11602-ruffletOh look.  Another bird Pokémon.  Whoo.  I am ecstatic.  Can you tell?

Luckily for him, Braviary is a huge badass eagle Pokémon that knocks the stuffing out of Pokémon like Fearow and Pidgeot.  Even more luckily for him, that’s not all he is.  The single feather on Rufflet’s head, and Braviary’s feather ‘headdress,’ seem to be intended to call to mind the headgear of Native American warriors of the central United States, like the Comanche and Cheyenne.  As such, their personality is centred around a warrior outlook; they fight each other often for practice, but protect each other ferociously when attacked.  Battle scars are a mark of prestige with them and they never back down from fear of a strong opponent.  Braviary is incredibly strong and can lift small cars in flight (no, I’m sure it’s not possible but who cares?) and Rufflet can… crush berries with his claws?  Am I missing something here?  The Pokédex reports that as though it should sound impressive, but… what?  Continue reading “Rufflet and Braviary”