A Pokémon Trainer is You! VI: In Search of Caffeine

Last time, on A Pokémon Trainer Is You:

Do you want to give Minun a nickname?
– Let the Narrator name it.

Me?  Uh… I mean, yeah, I guess.  Honestly I’m a little surprised you can ask me to do that; are you even consciously aware of me as a voice in your head? Whatever; by the power vested in me by… narratorial omniscience, I guess?  I hereby name this Minun:

Nancy, the Negator

Or, y’know, just Nancy to her friends.  Whatever.  Nancy seems a little bemused, like she thinks “The Negator” might be slightly grandiose for little old her, but she does also think it’s kind of badass, so she’ll give it ago.  Well… by that, I mean she cocked her head and made an inquisitive squeaking noise; I dunno how you got the rest of it, but maybe you really are some sort of “Pokémon whisperer” or some bull$#!t like that.

What will you do in Viridian City?
– Seek out coffee.

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Anonymous asks:

Hopfé, the Two Brews Pokémon. Water/Fairy. The liquid inside Hopfé’s transparent body changes depending on the time of day. In the morning, it’s dark and scalding, while at night, it turns cold and effervescent. Some trainers claim to be Hopfé connoisseurs and refuse to bond with any but a very particular strain of the Pokémon.

It’s… coffee that turns into beer?  Um… why?

Gotta say, though, I think this could be hilarious in a comedic or satirical take on Pokémon.  Detective Pikachu played by Danny DeVito would approve.