James Crooks asks:

React to this: https://www.sbnation.com/secret-base/22177214/which-pokemon-would-make-the-best-basketball

“Which Pokémon would make the best basketball?”… hmm…

Well… the answer’s obviously Jigglypuff, right? Round, bouncy, probably about the right size?

I guess it’s worth further investigation…

This article only examines five Pokémon, which… I mean, I think there are many other possible choices not considered here, but they do correctly assess that Jigglypuff is a good choice. Yes, technically Ditto can just Transform into a basketball, but I don’t think that’s really in the spirit of the exercise. Even if we allow it, there are better choices – Mew can also Transform, but is much less likely than Ditto to faint and lose its shape, while Arceus might be able to just conjure a real basketball from the void. These suggestions are unworthy, in my learned opinion. Disqualified.

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Ferroseed and Ferrothorn

cb10e-ferroseedToday’s Pokémon are Ferroseed and Ferrothorn, the… uh… the… spiky… metal… plant-things…

Google, help me out here.

…y’know, I don’t think anyone has a completely satisfactory explanation as to what Ferroseed and Ferrothorn are.  People think they’re based on the durian, the world’s most passive-aggressive fruit, which comes from South-East Asia.  It tastes delicious, smells revolting, is covered in vicious thorns, and is perfectly capable of killing you if it falls on your head.  In many respects, Ferroseed is very much like a durian; he’s round, spiky, vegetative, and wishes that the world and everything in it would just leave him alone.  However, he’s also made of iron, lives on the walls of caves and survives by leaching minerals from the rocks.  I suppose when you think about it this is the logical conclusion for a fruit that clearly wants nothing to do with anyone – hiding in a cold, dark place, sucking on rocks and jabbing anyone who bothers you.  Continue reading “Ferroseed and Ferrothorn”