hugh_donnetono asks:

There are only two male Grass-type gym leaders, did you know that? Is that weird or is it just me? Anyway, FMK: Cilan, Ramos, and Gardenia’s mirror universe double who is exactly the same except a guy.

Well… there’s… also only two female ones, Gardenia and Erika, unless you count Mallow who isn’t really a Gym Leader, and frankly Flying and Poison have even less representation than Grass, so-

oh for fµ¢&’s sake it’s one of these things


well like

clearly Cilan is the one I’d have the best foundation for a relationship with, because we’d bake stuff together, so I’ve gotta marry him

but then it’s between fuck and kill for Ramos, and… like…

…I mean, I know this is gonna sound shallow but he’s SO OLD, guys

like, if there were ever an option where “fuck” and “kill” could wind up accidentally being synonymous, he’s it

…on the other hand Gardenia is super athletic, and I guess I can imagine her being pretty hot as a trans guy, so… maybe this works out after all…

Anonymous asks:

I miss those FMKs!! So here’s another one… Cyrus, Cheren or Hugh?

oh god


marry Cheren because honestly both of the other two kind of scare me and he seems like the sort of guy who’d grow up to get a steady well-paying job as an accountant or something

kill Cyrus because… I mean… he’s basically some kind of death cultist and he tried to unmake the universe so he could become a god, so…

so I guess that leaves fuck Hugh, which… I mean… yaaaaay?

Anonymous asks:

My turn for an FMK question! Lance, Steven Stone, Wallace!

oh Christ more of these


Okay, Lance and Wallace both wear capes so both of them are clearly trying way too hard, but only Lance actually goes out of his way to act like a superhero, which is a major warning sign, so let’s kill him

As for Steven, I am on the record as saying a number of disparaging things about geology (many of them including the phrases “not real science” or “really just applied physical chemistry”) but at least he’s also interested in archaeology and mythology, which is probably the closest thing I’ve got here to a solid foundation for a relationship, so let’s marry him

So I guess fuck Wallace?  I mean… sure???

Anonymous asks:

Since the last FMK question was so interesing… Heres another: Blue, Burgh and Volkner??

oh god

Well, let’s see… I mean, you gotta kill Burgh ‘cause he’s incompetent, pretentious and annoying… but then again, Blue is a huge jerk… eh, I suppose he gets better as he matures though.  Volkner has this kinda hot brooding quality to him but seems like he’d be a super high-maintenance partner.  So… let’s go with fuck Volkner, marry Blue, kill Burgh.

Anonymous asks:

F*ck, Marry, Kill: James from Team Rocket in the anime, Silver, Grunt B from Team Skull.

Okay so

gotta marry B because let’s be honest I’ve invested way too much quality writing into that relationship for it to end in a one-night stand

James has old money and shows kindness to Pokémon and all, but he’s also really annoying and would probably be the most fun to kill, maybe by lowering into a pit of snakes or something

Silver’s daddy issues might make things a little uncomfortable but he also seems like he’d be into really rough sex which, let’s be real here, is worth experimentation, and I do kinda have a thing for redheaded guys, so…