Today’s Pokémon is a bamboo alien, a moon rocket, and an ancient Japanese princess.

…no, I promise it makes sense.

Celesteela’s rocket-booster arms, long flowing hair, steel gown and tiny head make it one of the most bizarre of all the Ultra Beasts, but once you dig through its lore and inspiration… well, you can see where they were coming from.  Let’s take a look at the Launch Pokémon.

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Anonymous asks:

After reading and writing so much about Pokémon, are there any traditional Japanese folktales or myths you find particularly interesting? Would love to know what a classicist like yourself think about Japanese folklore! 🙂

Honestly for me the takeaway from it all has been that I clearly don’t know enough about Japanese folklore to talk about it properly – mostly I just know the bits that have Pokémon based on them.  If anyone would like to recommend some introductory books…?