James Crooks asks:

React to this: https://www.sbnation.com/secret-base/22177214/which-pokemon-would-make-the-best-basketball

“Which Pokémon would make the best basketball?”… hmm…

Well… the answer’s obviously Jigglypuff, right? Round, bouncy, probably about the right size?

I guess it’s worth further investigation…

This article only examines five Pokémon, which… I mean, I think there are many other possible choices not considered here, but they do correctly assess that Jigglypuff is a good choice. Yes, technically Ditto can just Transform into a basketball, but I don’t think that’s really in the spirit of the exercise. Even if we allow it, there are better choices – Mew can also Transform, but is much less likely than Ditto to faint and lose its shape, while Arceus might be able to just conjure a real basketball from the void. These suggestions are unworthy, in my learned opinion. Disqualified.

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Munna and Musharna

91d49-munnaDoes everyone remember Dumbo?  Y’know; the Disney movie about the baby elephant who could fly by flapping his stupidly large ears?  Remember that one scene where he gets wasted and hallucinates about a parade of pink elephants?
Yeah, I blocked it out for a while too, but trust me, it happens.  Well, with more than six hundred Pokémon now, we’ve got a Pokémon for just about everything… including trippy Disney dream sequences.  Meet Munna and Musharna, the imaginary pink elephant Pokémon.

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