jeffthelinguist asks:

I am the true Jeff, not that impostah. By the way, you can’t prove I am him also indeed….you could ask him and he’d say no, but how do you know he’s not messing with you and he and I aren’t one and the same.

But for reals though, here’s a legit question:. Do you think Ultra sun/moon was a proper goodbye to all the handheld games? (If we don’t count the switch as a handheld game)

Listen, I’m not here to adjudicate who gets to be Jeff.  If there are multiple Jeffs-claimant, you should settle it like adults: in a secret death battle in a remote swamp, fought while under the influence of potent psychedelics, with no witnesses, no safeguards and no remorse.  To be clear, I have no interest whatsoever in knowing the course or outcome of this challenge.


Don’t we count the Switch as a handheld?  I mean… I know it’s not just a handheld, but it is designed to be usable as one.  I’m not sure what would constitute a proper goodbye, or really even what there is to say goodbye to.  I didn’t expect anything in particular from Emerald as a farewell to the Gameboy Advance.  Conversely, expecting something special from the last game on a particular console kinda seems like it’s letting all the other games off the hook.

[Squidward Tentacles, not Squidward Tentacles, might be Squidward Tentacles] asks:

How would you feel if us fans made a donation to help you purchase a switch and a let’s go game?

I’m not speaking for everyone obviously but I love your reviews and would like to help!

I appreciate the offer, but I think it’s better if I just skip Let’s Go and reassess my finances closer to the release of generation VIII. I’ll still be writing about Alola and Sun and Moon when Let’s Go comes out anyway, and there’s probably not a lot for me to say about it. I have the virtual console release of Red version to fuel my nostalgia trips (kinda thinking of writing something about that… but we’ll see what the timetable looks like when I’m done with Alola).