On Playing Through Alpha Sapphire: Ep II

Chilling at Slateport City.  Shopping in the market.  Being an obnoxious tourist.  Fish and chips on the beach.  Et cetera.  Nothing tremendously dramatic or exciting has happened since last time – certainly nothing like learning about STEALTH MODE or getting my ass handed to me by a random wild Pokémon – but I’ve earned my first two badges and been introduced to contests. 

Current team is:

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On Playing Through Alpha Sapphire: Ep I

I’m not really planning to do a full-length journal on Alpha Sapphire like I did with White 2 or X, partly because I’m just kinda ‘over’ that particular type of writing at the moment, partly because I want to focus more on this thing I’m doing with the rivals, partly because I’m just not sure how I would work something like that when I already know the basic outline of the story of these games, although I’m sure there will be plenty of new details.  So I’m just going to wing it and talk about stuff that’s interesting as I move.  I’m going to go pretty slowly – I may actually make a real effort, for the first time in years, to complete my Pokédex on Alpha Sapphire, so I’m catching everything I come across and training most of it at least a little bit.  So I’ll just give you brief updates on my progress and talk about anything I come across that I like, or don’t like, or is just interesting.  Whatevs.

Currently hanging out in Rustboro City.  Haven’t entered the Gym yet.  Primary team is as follows:

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