cantankerousauntgay asks:

tropius is my fav pokemon and im hella excited for that banner. I can see it now… “Its A Benevolent Flying Goddamn DinoPalm Tree”.

Some suggestions offered by Jim the Editor:

House Tropius: Taste the Forbidden Fruit

House Tropius: How ‘Bout Them Apples

House Tropius: Wait, Did a Dinosaur F@#$ a Tree, or…?

House Tropius: Why Aren’t We Funding This?

House Tropius: Dinner and Dessert

House Tropius: We Can Fly, Because F#&% Physics

Anonymous asks:

I like your Sylveon motto, but it’s not as straight forward as the other eeveelution mottos. Would you mind elaborating on “A Whole New World”? 🙂

I went with that mainly because Sylveon was our introduction to the Fairy type.  Fairies in folklore are mysterious creatures that live just at the edge of what humans understand, sometimes in another world entirely, but when Sylveon turns up, we all dive head-first into that world, and everything changes.  Evolving into Sylveon also opens up the world of magic for Eevee, which plays into the ‘adaptation’ theme that I tried to get with all the mottos for that family.