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What if, instead of an EV cap, there was a total stat cap? As in, “some Pokemon are naturally good at fighting, but all can achieve the same level of expertise through training” taken literally?

I think this has consequences beyond what you immediately intend. For one thing, under this system evolution and higher base stats are a bad thing, because they mean less flexibility – more of your stat cap is taken up by things you can’t change. For another, unless you have some sort of equivalent to the EV system – some limit to how far a Pokémon can advance beyond its basic capability in each stat – you’re going to end up eroding the differences between species of Pokémon. What’s the point of Alakazam if it can push its defence just as high as anyone else can, or everyone else can push their special attack just as high as it?

Anonymous asks:

What exactly is “special defense”?

I don’t think it’s necessarily anything, really.  I don’t think any of the stats are anything.  Think about speed, for instance.  Rapidash has a base speed of 105, and that’s clearly because she runs really fast, but then, Kadabra also has a base speed of 105 and it’s equally clear that this does not mean Kadabra can run as fast as Rapidash.  In Kadabra’s case it represents something more like reaction time.  So really speed is “anything that enables a Pokémon to gain a tactical advantage which can be represented by moving first.”

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Anonymous asks:

Remember when 100 base attack was “high”? Gamefreak just keeps giving new pokemon more and more insane stats, causing older pokemon to pale in comparison.

…no?  I mean, in generation I, Rhydon had 130 base attack, and Alakazam had 135 base special.  And sure, there are Pokémon that top that now, but when you cut out legendary and mega-evolved Pokémon (who are, y’know, supposed to make others pale in comparison) most of them are, like… not actually very good?  Like, Haxorus is fine, but I’d still rather take Garchomp or Dragonite.  Chandelure is good, but hardly dominating.  And when you look at the defensive stats, well, pretty consistently the best Pokémon are the well-rounded ones, not the ones who have one stat absurdly inflated – Avalugg is garbage, Florges and Goodra are fine but hardly the strongest around, and… well, Shuckle.  Just… Shuckle.  

So… I disagree with all parts of this statement.