Anon the Mon asks:

Are you ever going to release part 3 of your Uranium nuzlocke, or did you forget you started that?

Oh, I 100% forgot I started that and am 100% not going to continue it. Honestly it was a mistake to start a Nuzlocke when what I was really interested in was exploring the new Pokémon. And there were external factors, like the game basically didn’t function on Mac OS when it was released (not sure if that’s changed) and it was a hassle to change operating systems whenever I wanted to play it.

Anonymous asks:

Seeing that you did a post about Pokemon Uranium, have you ever heard of or played Pokemon Reborn or its sister game Pokemon Rejuvenation? These games also play with darker themes and provide an additional challenge of 18 gyms. They also added the mechanic of interacting with the environment through field effects, Terrain abilities and expanded on them greatly to create many interactive fields from forests to icy surfaces, and even a chessboard. Would you consider doing a post about them?

Well, I’ll finish this one first.  But maybe?  We’ll see.

Anonymous asks:

You said you have a Uranium Nuzlocke going; I just wanted to let you know that there is a functional mystery gift feature. I’m not sure how it interacts with nuzlocke mode or if this promotion is still running, but they were distributing a shiny jerbolta (which is actually just sonic the hedgehog) and two items, I believe a destiny knot and a sachet? I’m interested to hear how your nuzlocke progresses regardless of whether you get these gifts or not!

Good to know; I’ll see if I can get it to work.  I think they were having problems with their online features recently due to… I think a DDOS attack or something?  Not sure what it was or whether they’ve fixed it.  But we’ll see.

And, uh… you really don’t want to know how the Nuzlocke is going.  I mean, I’m going to tell you anyway, but it’s… not pretty.

We Should Really Talk About Pokémon Uranium

So what the $#!t is Pokémon Uranium?

A fan-made bootleg Pokémon game, some eight years in the making, that was completed and released a few weeks ago.  It runs on what I think is some sort of homebrewed version of the Diamond and Pearl-era game engine hacked together in RPGmaker, with a number of general ease-of-use improvements like multiple save slots, key rebinding (I mean, if you’re playing Pokémon on your computer you can do that anyway through your emulator software, but it’s still nice), and a built-in Nuzlocke mode with a few optional rules.  More importantly, Uranium features a whole new region, Tandor, inhabited by about 200 fan-designed Pokémon as well as many of our old favourites.  It’s not unique in concept, of course, but to my knowledge it is, by a significant margin, the most ambitious project of its kind ever to actually see completion, which sort of makes it worth talking about, and probably even giving some level of playthrough commentary.

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