Heart Gold Kingslocke: Episode 2

Introduction/rules here.

Last time we were off to a very strong start, with four team members and only one nasty card in play (although it is the pseudo-Nuzlocke card, which can be fairly vicious). Let’s see if my luck holds.

On route 31, off the path and near some grass and trees, talking to a kid in a straw hat.  Kid: You can catch Pokémon even if you have six with you.

This helpful little dude is Bug Catcher Wade, and he’s the second trainer you can exchange phone numbers with.  He’s not really all that important (I don’t even think his Weedle is in the top percentage of Weedle), but I think we should ship him with Youngster Joey.  It’ll be good for morale.

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Heavymetalloser1 asks:

Do you think the daycare REALLY doesn’t know where the eggs came from, or are they just saying that because they don’t wanna have to tell the protagonist about the Pidgeys and the Beedrills?

Unclear.  In the original Gold and Silver, when eggs were introduced, a Pokémon egg was such a bizarre curiosity that Professor Elm was shocked and elated to be given the chance to study one, which suggests that the writers originally had in mind a world where most people honestly know almost nothing about Pokémon reproduction, but Heart Gold and Soul Silver seem to retcon that to some extent.  And then there’s a guy in X and Y who tells the player that Pokémon eggs “aren’t really eggs,” which I suspect is Game Freak winking at us and saying “yeah, whatever you think you know about this is wrong.”  I think there really is supposed to be a degree of mystery about how this stuff works even in-universe.