[I’m American but because of my accent and the way I look, people think I’m Australian. I’m honored.] asks:

A year from now, I think you should make a list of your top five favorite names that sends you questions and your least 5 fav! They are entertaining!!!

That’s neat; I’m a New Zealander but because of my accent people think I’m English – even in New Zealand, and sometimes even in England. And, uh… I’m terrified this will encourage people to ludicrous extremes, but sure! I’ll, um… think about it.

toldentops asks:

You have the most interesting blog to read, as I myself am a huge fan of the unova region and I really appreciate all these in depth reviews on each and every one of them instead of a simple “this sucks”.

Aww, shucks; thank you!  “Interesting” is always the goal!  Well, except when “ranting” or “inflicting my unbelievably specific research on the public” or “telling stupid jokes” is the goal.  I guess in reality the goal fluctuates.  But “interesting” is definitely a plus!

Brick3621 asks:

You were indifferent to the FFVII remake announcement, so here’s hoping this is more relevant to your interests: Last Thursday, Nintendo threw everybody for a loop by showcasing Cloud Strife as the latest DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Any thoughts on the opportunity to see him interact with the likes of Pikachu?

Well, I’ve never played Smash Bros, and honestly I’m not likely to… but hey, Cloud Strife vs. the Wii Fit Trainer?  Hell, yeah; Omnislash the $#!t out of that smug health-conscious b!tch!