Vikingboybilly asks:

What do you think abilities are? I have a grumpig whose signature move is Skill Swap and his ability is Thick Fat. So when he swaps his ability, does that mean he loses his body fat and the other pokemon gets overweight? What if the other pokemon had flame body, does Grumpig suddenly burst into flames (let’s say the other was rapidash; it’s just a plain unicorn now)? What about steel types? They suddenly get biological fat on top of their alloy? Why can they only have one ability?

Well… abilities cover such a wide range of concepts that it’s sort of difficult to talk about them as a group – what can you possibly say about a category that encompasses physical traits like Thick Fat and Flame Body, psychological traits like Oblivious and Rivalry, skills like Technician and Sniper, magical properties like Levitate and Wonder Guard, and whatever the hell Mold Breaker is?  Looking at stuff that interacts with abilities, like Skill Swap, might be more productive than trying to deal with abilities themselves, but let’s see… Continue reading “Vikingboybilly asks:”