whatever asks:

How tf is phione a legendary but not Volcarona, Rotom or Spiritomb????

Well, there is no real definition of what a legendary Pokémon is, other than “the ones we say are legendary Pokémon.”  It seems to me like the distinction has two parts.  There’s a real-world reason, related to how you, the player, go about obtaining the Pokémon practically, and there’s an in-universe reason, roughly related to how well-known the Pokémon is.

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vikingboybilly asks:

The rotomdex is freaky! It’s too drastic of a change! Please beg gamefreak to keep everything exactly the same, waaaah.

I like the Rotomdex!  I think it raises a lot of interesting questions.  The developers of the Pokédex have apparently chosen, instead of going to all the trouble and expense of programming an AI, to just enlist a Pokémon to do it.  Unlike all the stuff we’ve seen Rotom inhabit before, this next-generation Pokédex is actually designed to have a Rotom in it.  Does it still work without one?  The trailer seems to imply that it either doesn’t work at all, or operates at diminished capacity.  What does that say about what Rotom does while inside an appliance?  Can it increase the efficiency of other machines?  Does a fridge with a Rotom in it keep things cool more effectively than a normal fridge?  If the Pokédex isn’t complete without a Rotom, how do they sustain production?  Do they have to breed Rotom, or are they simply not able to make many of these things?  Can Rotom battle in this shape, and if so, what abilities does it confer?  And apparently the Pokédex allows Rotom to talk – that’s a pretty neat perk.  What will its thoughts be on the whole thing?  Does Rotom actually know everything in the Pokédex, or can it just display that information for the player?  Lots to play with there.