Rowlet, Dartrix and Decidueye


Bloody hell, if I don’t hurry this up they’re going to announce another damn generation before I’m done with this one; we’re already expecting whatever this bull$#!t is supposed to be and I’ve got eighty whole Pokémon to evaluate in the next couple of months, as well as talking about Team Skull and the Aether Foundation, and Hau, and maybe Lillie too, and whoever I decide counts as the Champion, not to mention answering the neverending tide of ridiculous banal questions that keep pouring out of my goddamn inbox (obviously, gentle reader, I’m not talking about any questions you might have submitted, which are of course consistently insightful and thought provoking; it’s all those other bastards that are the problem).


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Pokémon Moon, Episode 1: In Which I Am Rescued From Certain Death By An Island Deity

All I wanted was a goddamn holiday.

“Come to sunny Alola,” the brochures said.  “Let all your cares wash away,” they said.  “Relax on the beach and enjoy the sunset with a glass of cool Pinap juice,” they said.  “Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture,” they said.

The brochures did not mention roads blocked by irritable Tauros, strange waifish girls with dangerous and suicidal cosmic Pokémon, “quests” handed out by mysterious and fickle gods, ritualised duels to please the aforementioned fickle gods, or anything that might be described as a series of “trials.”

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

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Anonymous asks:

What do you think of the theory that the Rowlet line will be grass/steel, the Litten line fire/poison, and the Popplio line water/fairy, to tie into potential themes of knife-thrower, fire-breather, and clown/entertainer-seal?

Pretty much the same thing as I think of most of these predictions that people like to make in the run-up to a new generation: “It could be right; it’s probably wrong; there’s too little evidence to make a good assessment; I don’t really care.”

Anonymous asks:

I realize now that my previous question may have been misleading. When I said “weird” I wasn’t referring to the grass/fighting type combination itself, as that’s been done several times, but to the idea of a mysterious owl suddenly evolving into an aggressive grass/fighting bird.

Imagine, though. Rowlet turns into a badass fighting or dragon type, litten into a large, chubby, lovable cat, and popplio into a grotesque mammoth/walrus-like thing. Nobody will be satisfied.

The previous question alluded to here: “Watch rowlet lose its flying type upon evolving and become a grass/fighting type or something even weirder. That would certainly be interesting”

See, I don’t think that sort of thing is likely, purely because the starters are the one place where, more than any other (except maybe the mascot legendaries), they want mass appeal, and while that doesn’t exactly rule out weird and quirky designs for the evolved forms, I believe it makes Game Freak more likely to incline towards safe choices.  Looking back at past starters… they really just don’t tend to “do” major reversals in aesthetics and design as they evolve.  I suspect there’s kind of an expectation that, when you choose your starter, you should pretty much know what you’re getting.  It’s supposed to be your partner, so if it evolves into something radically different and you don’t like it anymore, the design has kinda failed, in that particular respect.