Spritzee and Aromatisse


Spritzee and Aromatisse are two more of those Pokémon that can only make you think “well, of course the French would have that.”  French companies dominate the modern perfume industry, and only Italy can possibly compare to France’s reputation for perfume production.  Kalos, not content with that, has also cornered the market on perfume Pokémon (anime Erika would kill for one of these things).  While I have much more to add now, I have to stand by my original assessment of Aromatisse from my playthrough journal of X: “I feel like Big Bird’s French cousin is trying to seduce me.”  Don’t you try to tell me you’re “just doing the can-can,” Aromatisse.  That is a suggestive dance and you know it.  I see the way you look at your trainers as you bare your leg salaciously.  I’m watching you…

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All that Glitters

A deep, dark cave filled with beautiful blue and green crystal formations, the Glittering Cave is a treacherous place – you move through it in a first-person perspective, so you can only see what’s right in front of you, making it a lot more difficult to keep track of exactly where you are (luckily, the tunnel systems aren’t that complicated, but this could get tricky if a similar perspective is deployed for, say, Victory Road…). 

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