Monstarfunk asks:

you don’t like oranguru??? why is it the stalker pokémon??

I didn’t say I didn’t like Oranguru, but it is indisputably the Stalker Pokémon.

Go to Tapu Village and check out the oasis area with the caravans.  Next to the oasis, there is a man who will confide in you that he “[feels] like someone’s eyes are burning into the back of [his] head” and that it’s “giving [him] the creeps!”  Directly behind him, hiding behind an old oil drum, is an Oranguru.  Watching him.  Just… watching.

Pokémon Moon, Episode 11: In Which I Perform an Exorcism

With no other clear direction obvious to me, I leave Malie City and wander south.  The southeast coast of Ula’ula Island is dominated by extremely rough, rocky, arid scrubland.  Although the Z-Crystal that I earned in Sophocles’ trial gets me through the Island Challenge barricades on the southeast road, it doesn’t take long before the rocks become totally impassable.  Fortunately, Hapu (who is almost certainly very important, though I’m still not sure why) is on hand to offer me the solution: she allows me to freely summon her Mudsdale as a riding Pokémon.  Mudsdale is slow compared to the other Tauros and Stoutland, but can move effortlessly over rough terrain that would reduce them to uncoordinated stumbling.  Hapu points me in the direction of Tapu Village, at the base of Mount Lanakila, for my next trial, then bids me good luck and farewell.

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