Anonymous asks:

We all know you despise Ruin Maniacs, but what’s your favorite Trainer Class and why? (or is this an obvious question and you’re just going to answer ‘Pokémaniac’?)

Well, Pokémaniac, but specifically generation II Pokémaniacs like the one in my Tumblr avatar, where they have the long cape thing and the wide-eyed crazed grin.  Not really into that half-baked cosplay they’ve got going in later generations.  I’m also quite fond of Channellers and Hex Maniacs.

(And let’s be honest, at least part of the reason I dislike Ruin Maniacs and other fictional archaeologists is because they can just take whatever cool $#!t they want while my friends and I have to be all “responsible” and show “scholarly integrity” or whatever)