Ty asks:

Glad the Mr. Mime question got the ball rolling! I just have one more for the time being regarding your favorite Vileplume. With Alola forms in mind, if you could pick any region where Oddish’s evolutionary family had a regional variation, which region would it be, and what would make the Oddishes, Glooms, Vileplumes, and Bellossoms different there?

Yeah I think when I moved to WordPress people… forgot(?) for a while, I guess, that they could do this?  So thanks for that!  Anyway, Vileplume.  I wasn’t sure how to begin going about this, but I did some reading and learned about a property of the Rafflesia genus of flowers (which Vileplume is based on) that I hadn’t previously known about.  Continue reading “Ty asks:”

cantankerousauntgay asks:

tropius is my fav pokemon and im hella excited for that banner. I can see it now… “Its A Benevolent Flying Goddamn DinoPalm Tree”.

Some suggestions offered by Jim the Editor:

House Tropius: Taste the Forbidden Fruit

House Tropius: How ‘Bout Them Apples

House Tropius: Wait, Did a Dinosaur F@#$ a Tree, or…?

House Tropius: Why Aren’t We Funding This?

House Tropius: Dinner and Dessert

House Tropius: We Can Fly, Because F#&% Physics