Anonymous asks:

Couldn’t gamefreak have simply taken volbeat/ilumise and plusle/minun and mashed them into a single pair of designs? They would have then had a pair of firefly pokemon with a relatively exclusive type combination, unique breeding mechanics, and a whole teamwork thing going on, backed up by the plus/minus thing. This would have been objectively interesting, and also not have ripped off pikachu.

And make ‘em Bug/Electric, you mean?  Hmm.  Yeah, I think quite like that, actually.  The cliché that “opposites attract” would tie Volbeat and Illumise’s romance theme together with their new Electricity powers quite nicely.  I think the problem is that Game Freak considered ripping off Pikachu to be a virtue of Plusle and Minun rather than a fault.  Which… y’know, is not really a position I can understand, but clearly it’s important to them since they keep bloody doing it.

VikingBoyBilly asks:

Why aren’t volbeat and illumise fairy or electric type?

Because they don’t need to be?  Fireflies are real insects that exist in the real world, so there’s not really anything about them that needs to be explained by adding another type.  I mean, sure, I think there are arguments for either of those, or Fire for that matter, but if you wan’t a more specific answer than that I’m afraid you’re going to have to ask Game Freak; I have no special insight here.