Anonymous asks:

Why do you think gen-specific Pokemon pairs get unequal treatment by Game Freak? (Eg, Vileplume got a new evolution in Gen 2, while Victreebel got nothing, and Whimsicott was already better than Lilligant even before becoming Fairy-type in Gen 6.)

I suppose because those pairings don’t serve any gameplay purpose beyond the games in which they were originally introduced.  Oddish and Bellsprout were no longer version-exclusive in generation II, so why continue to act as if they were?  If anything, I think it would be pointlessly restrictive for future games to demand that those pairs of Pokémon continue to mirror each other.  If you have an idea for an alternate evolution for Gloom that you think is a good one, why declare it invalid because you don’t have an idea for Weepinbell?  As for Whimsicott getting a buff that Lilligant missed out on by becoming a Fairy-type – well, you’ve hit the nail on the head.  Whimsicott was already better than Lilligant, so clearly they didn’t care in the first place.  Why would they care more in generation VI, when Whimsicott’s special relationship with Lilligant was no longer relevant, than they had in V?

Cottonee and Whimsicott

9f108-cottoneeWhee; I get to do another Grass-type!  I’m breaking from the order of the Pokédex for a bit because Whimsicott is another Pokémon I have relatively more experience with.  Cottonee and Whimsicott are… fluffy… cottony balls of… stuff.  Honestly I’m not sure what they are.  Funnily enough, I quite like this.  Pokémon don’t need to look like things, they just need to fit their powers and their character.  Think back, for instance, to Red and Blue and see if you can tell me what, in the name of all that is holy, a Slowpoke is?  Or, for that matter, a Nidoqueen?  How about Alakazam, Marowak, Magmar, Electabuzz or Kangaskhan (hint: she’s certainly not a bloody kangaroo, I can tell you that much)?  I feel that there have been, as the years go by, more and more Pokémon that insist that they need to look like something, and personally I think Pokémon that don’t really look like anything are (often) the ones that work best.  Take Cottonee, for example.  She looks like nothing so much as a ball of cotton with leaves, but that works.  Simple designs are best when you’re looking to make something cute.  Whimsicott is cute too; I’m… not exactly sure what she looks like, though it has been suggested to me that she’s a sheep, which I guess I can see.  Continue reading “Cottonee and Whimsicott”