Next Time on Pokémaniacal: Eeveelutions

I’m back, b*tches.

Okay, so, one of the things a few people have asked me to do is a study on the Eeveelutions (that’s Eevee’s rainbow of evolved forms, for anyone who isn’t familiar with the term).  Honestly it feels like a bit of a come-down after some of the far-out crazy stuff I produced while I was supposedly on hiatus, but then again, trying to produce articles like that regularly every three days would probably drive me completely mad, so maybe it’s best I go back to discussing something I can be relatively objective about for a little while.  Eevee, with her deep, sparkling eyes, perky ears, and adorable fluffy mane, is one of the most consistently popular Pokémon in the history of the franchise.  This is no coincidence – quite apart from the fact that Eevee is one of the cuter Pokémon out there, she possesses limitless potential.  Even if you don’t like Eevee herself all that much, chances are that one of her seven evolutions will tickle your fancy at least a little.  A number of them are top-notch battlers as well (others… not so much).  In many respects, I suppose they’re a lot like the starters, whom I reviewed earlier in the year.  In short, they’re definitely something that’s worth a closer look.

I’ll be covering all seven evolved forms of Eevee in national Pokédex order, starting from Vaporeon – and maybe finishing with an entry on Eevee herself, with some concluding remarks on the whole set.  I guess I’d better start writing…

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