What was the first Pokemon you ever caught?

…good grief, that must have been almost fourteen years ago now.

…um, hang on…

Well, my starter was a Bulbasaur, but the first Pokémon I caught… um… Was it a Pidgey?  Or a Rattata?  I don’t think so… it might have been a Nidoran, actually, since they were available much earlier in the original Red and Blue than they are in Fire Red and Leaf Green.  Or was it a Caterpie?

Um… y’know, it’s been so long I honestly can’t remember.  On Silver the first Pokémon I caught was a Ledyba, on Sapphire it was Wurmple, on Diamond I’m pretty sure it was a Starly, and on Black it was a Lillipup, but Blue is just too far back for me.  Sorry!

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