Regarding Pictures

I should probably explain the problems I’m having with putting pictures in my posts at the moment.

Tumblr, you may or may not have noticed, has just gone through a renovation.  Apparently they’re trying to be more sleek or hip or whatever; I don’t even know.  Whatever they’re doing, though, it’s screwing with my formatting.  I can still put images in a text post – as you would have seen in that post about the squid we’re designing – but I can’t format a text post so that a picture appears in line with the text, the way I like to have pictures in… y’know, all my entries.  I can only have pictures between paragraphs, which is ugly and breaks up the flow of what I’m writing, and I normally avoid it if I possibly can.  This is fine for posts where the text is in support of the picture, like the post with the squid drawings, but it’s not so good if things are the other way round… again, like all my entries (Tumblr’s logic on this seems to be “why would you even have a picture unless it was the whole point of the post?”).

This alone I could probably deal with.  The other problem the renovation has created is that I can no longer edit an image’s alt text.  When I first moved to Tumblr, I was incredibly annoyed and somewhat dumbfounded that it has no facility for captioning an image within a text post, because that seemed like kind of a blitheringly stupid function not to have (again, of course, why would you even have a picture if it wasn’t the whole point?).  Luckily, my website designer friend, Nick, wrote a clever little bit of Java for me that automatically converts an image’s alt text into a caption, which is what I’ve been using all year.  Now that I can’t edit an image’s alt text, though, I can’t put captions on anything anymore (which, in turn, means I can’t use fanart because I have no easy way to credit the artist).  Also, Tumblr now automatically fills any blank alt text with the word “image,” so just to add insult to injury, any picture I put in one of my posts will be captioned with the word “image.”  Y’know, in case you couldn’t tell you were looking at an image.

If I knew anything at all about html I might be able to bludgeon Tumblr into doing what I want, but I don’t; that’s usually Nick’s job and he’s buggered off to England for a month.  I really don’t want to go through the hassle of moving back to Blogspot and taking my archive with me, so for now I’m just going to sizzle quietly and stop using pictures in my entries until further notice.  If anyone can point out to me that I’m using Tumblr wrong and actually I can still do all of these things but the buttons have moved or something, I would be very grateful for your assistance.

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