Next Time on Pokémaniacal: If I Were In Charge


Let’s do this.

You all hear me complain on a regular basis about how such and such an aspect of the Pokémon games is totally mismanaged, or how such and such an idea is neglected, or such and such a concept is just setting things back and needs to die in a fire.  I really can be such a whiner sometimes, am I right?  Well, I think it’s time to put my money where my mouth is.  If I’m so damn clever, how would I run these games?

I want to establish here, first of all, what I’m not doing in this series of entries.  I’m not planning out a whole Pokémon game from scratch, although I may write stuff that could be part of one, and I will talk about how I would structure a new game.  I’m not creating any new Pokémon, although I will talk about where I think new Pokémon are necessary and beneficial.  I’m also not going to attempt anything really radical, like completely replacing the battle system or transplanting the games to an entirely different setting, because that way lies madness, but I have a lot of little tweaks in mind.  Most importantly, I’m not critiquing or building on any preview material of X and Y.  Most of the ideas I hope to talk about have been at the back of my mind since well before generation 6 was announced.  I have no interest in speculating about how X and Y are going to be handled, and I am not going to start reviewing them before they’re even released.

I want to try to think about every aspect of the games, how they contribute to their overall themes and aims, how often they fail to do so and why, and what can be done to change that.

And just to make sure I don’t leave anything out, I’ll be organising my thoughts according to the lyrics of the season one theme song.

Here goes nothing.

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