I would just like to say I am so glad someone picks apart those annoying incomplete things (the legendary family tree) also which of the “rodent” Pokemon do you think is best? Or it’d be really cool if you pick apart each because you’re awesome.

I assume you mean by this Rattata, Sentret, Zigzagoon, Bidoof and Patrat?  Hmm… Well, Patrat has those crazy eyes, and I’m pretty sure it’s some kind of demon-thing.  It scares me.  I think Rattata is just a really big purple rat; like, I’m pretty sure it doesn’t do anything that a normal rat doesn’t.  Bidoof is Bidoof.  Zigzagoon has the zigzag thing, which I guess is kind of interesting.  I suppose I quite like Sentret.  It’s a meerkat, only it’s not, because it’s also a bit like a whole bunch of animals.  It’s not just an animal that’s been pasted into the game with minimal thought or development.  Also there is that episode of the anime where a Sentret hijacks Team Rocket’s giant Arbok-shaped destructo-tank, possibly the most ludicrous device they have ever deployed (which is saying something), and goes on a rampage.  That was, on reflection, pretty awesome.

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