Have you ever done a Nuzlocke run of a game? If so, what was your experience? (And if not, any particular reason why?)

Several times.  I’m extremely bad at it.  My Pokémon get slaughtered left, right and centre.  I always write little obituaries for them, though, to show that I care.  "R.I.P. Dorothy, the bold Raticate, swallowed by a Gyarados aged 23 levels.  She died as she lived – ripping apart another Pokémon’s throat from the inside.“  "R.I.P. Altheia, the serious Illumise.  Exploded in a tragic Metronome accident, aged 28 levels.”  "R.I.P. Tom, the modest Poochyena, misjudged the strength of a Meditite’s Bide, aged 15 levels.  A service will be held once sufficient remains have been scraped off the walls.“

Maybe I should do one sometime in the next few weeks and post updates on the Twitter.  Goodness knows I don’t use it for anything else.

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