I recall your blog post on the Pokémon Power Bracket finals in which your friend Jim incapacitated you somehow and wrote your own entry for you. As mildly amusing as that debacle was, could you maybe convince him to get a Tumblr account so that he can post his incoherent ramblings without interrupting your much better-articulated and marginally more coherent ramblings? Really, we’ll check it out.

Eheh.  He says “I am insulted and yet at the same time, thanks…?“

The thing with Rayquaza and Mew was really a one-off thing, since I’d long since run out of stuff to say about either of them over the course of that series of entries.  I don’t think he’d have much interest in doing anything regularly.  Jim is actually a lot more coherent and insightful in person (many of the ideas I discuss here are originally his, believe it or not, filtering in through our proofreading process) and a brilliant historian – he just doesn’t take this nonsense half as seriously as I do, hence the… interesting tone of the entry in question.

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