Okay, now, what is your least favourite Pokemon from each generation? (Apologies if you’re getting sick of this favourite/least favourite nonsense.)

Hrm.  Tricky.

1. I think I’m probably going to go with Pinsir, although he might be less ‘least favourite’ and more ‘most forgettable,’ partly because Heracross exists.

2. Snubbull.  I never quite ‘got’ the whole “pink fairy bulldog" thing.

3. Nosepass.  Yes, I know it’s based on a moai statue.  Yes, I know that’s exactly the kind of cultural allusion I normally like.  Whatever you wish to point out to me in Nosepass’s defence, YES, I KNOW!  No, I still think the idea of a Pokemon that uses its enormous magnetic nose to keep itself pointed north is dumb.

4. Probopass.  I hated Nosepass so much, and then they went and evolved him, made his nose bigger, gave him a moustache, and attached three ‘mini-noses’ to him, thus winning him the dubious honour of being the stupidest Pokémon of the generation for two generations running, something I hadn’t even thought possible.

5. Garbodor.  I don’t particularly want to open the whole argument again, so I’ll just give you the link.

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