Question! How do you think that literature and other forms of fiction would have developed in such a ridiculously Pokemon-centric society as the one in the games? Obviously, Pokemon featured prominently in most – if not all – of their ancient myths, but how would storytelling have developed from there? Do you think that similar genres and cliches would exist in the Pokemon world as do in the present-day real world? Would there even be such a thing as a story without Pokemon in it?

Well I don’t see that there’s anything about the Pokémon world that particularly precludes similar narratives and tropes to the ones that exist in our world, although how art and literature deal with Pokémon would presumably vary significantly from one culture to another.  If a culture regards Pokémon as essentially clever animals, then one imagines their literary motifs would develop along fairly familiar lines.  It sort of depends on how willing people are to think of Pokémon as ‘non-human persons,’ and how widely stories that treat them in this way are accepted.  Even then, there certainly have been cultures in the real world that were happy to ascribe free will and agency to animals, and to tell stories that depict them as equal to humans, so I’m not sure the presence of Pokémon per se would prompt them to develop any literary forms that are actually without parallel in the real world.

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