Yo Yo Yo Pokemaniacal. Has animal fighting implications made you feel awful in pokemon, for example since pokemon look like animals or if you think they are animals despite differences you may think its just animal fighting. A blog named LadyGeekgirl wrote “The Pokémon Problem” on that. Last I checked the blog didn’t have comments but last I saw it was on August lol. And also how is the X and Y plot so far?

Feel awful?  Well, not really.  I’m not sure if you’ve read it, but I have dealt with the subject in some depth in the past – it’s probably the most popular thing I’ve ever written.  Basically it all comes down to how much choice you think the Pokémon have in the matter, and I tend to think the answer is actually “quite a bit.” http://pokemaniacal.tumblr.com/post/34093585438/the-ethics-of-pokemon-training

The article you mention – here’s a link, by the way, for other readers http://ladygeekgirl.wordpress.com/2013/08/31/in-brightest-dayish-the-pokemon-problem/ – well… I mean, yes, obviously, the complaints are fair, and I think it’s best if we keep those in mind.  I also think the franchise produces by far its most interesting stories when the developers keep them in mind, and the same goes for fan fiction.  It’s not exactly a clever point, though.  I mean… I don’t think people should get to say “Pokémon portrays violence involving animals” as though it’s a great insight.  Don’t just say it; work with it!

EDIT: Oh, yeah, you asked about X and Y.  Well, I’m not all that far in yet, so I don’t really know.  Still haven’t found out what Team Flare is really all about, or what Lysandre has to do with anything (I mean, I assume he’s important, and the game keeps dropping hints that he’s a bad guy and maybe the leader of Team Flare, but his ethos doesn’t really seem compatible with theirs, so eh?).  I’ll keep everyone posted, of course!

DOUBLE EDIT: People really say “yo yo yo”?

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