If at some point in the past humans and pokemon were not considered separate beings, which essentially makes humans just another pokemon, what types would you say they’re classified as. To me, it could be either normal, fighting, or even psychic if certain claims about the abilities humans possess within the pokemon universe are to be believed. What other pokemon-esque abilities would you say humans possess or at least used to possess?

I’m not sure; I guess I would say that we’re really Normal-types with the ability to learn a few Fighting and Psychic techniques if we work really hard at it (because even the greatest human psychics and martial artists are pretty weak compared to actual Fighting and Psychic Pokémon).  I think the way Koga and other ninja characters are portrayed might suggest that they base their techniques of a variety of Pokémon attacks – Toxic being the big one, which could even be a human technique adapted to use by Pokémon rather than the other way around (which is why all Pokémon can use it).  As Normal-types go, though, we’re pretty boring.  Of course, everything is relative… Fire-, Rock- and Ground-type would probably be astonished by our ability to withstand water!

I think it’s important to bear in mind that humans don’t exhibit many traits which are present in all (or almost all) Pokémon uniformly – Pokéballs don’t work on us, we can’t use TMs, we don’t lay eggs – that last one in particular seems kind of a big deal to me.  The other question that occurs to me is whether Pokémon and humans were ever actually as close as they were in the myths, because the idea of similar closeness between humans and animals isn’t all that unusual in real-word mythology; plenty of cultures have a concept of a mythic age before the rules of the cosmos had been fully set, and you do get animals acting like humans and humans acting like animals in those stories, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t really happen.  There seems to be a big cultural drive in the Pokémon world to portray humans and Pokémon as being basically the same thing, but that doesn’t necessarily make it so…

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