YO DAWG so in my earlier question you talked about roll with it. So what about you? If you wanted to go about a fanfic or write your own journey or of a character as a trainer what you do? Would you use the show, the manga, or the games as a template? Or would you create your own and mix and match as you see fit?

Oh god it’s you again

To be honest, I’ve never really thought about writing fan fiction.  Well, I have, but not about a standard “trainer goes on a journey” kind of thing.  Still, I suppose that’s not really what you’re asking.  I think the thing about fan fiction is that it’s quite different from what I normally do here; the whole point is that it’s what you think the world should look like… so ultimately it probably wouldn’t follow either the games or the anime very closely at all.  Anything more specific than that really depends on the demands of the story, I would think.

Is this a request?

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