In the first generation Red and Blue, pokemon lacked even happiness and similar features. However over the generations and addition to pokemon amie now, we saw an increase of pokemon’s side of things. Do you think giving pokemon some more varied behaviors other than just “obedience” trope would better single player aspect of the game? Choice too like what if the pokemon wants to be released? Or forced captures or pokemon just suddenly popping in and joining you? Would that be worse?


It would be different, and it would be more complicated.  I mean, ultimately, a lot of the things you’re suggesting would be the beginnings of giving every individual Pokémon a basic AI – which… you know… would not be easy; I mean, I’m no programmer, but some people have hundreds of the bloody things running round on one game.  If Pokémon decide that they want to be released completely at random, it’d just be annoying; there needs to be some kind of actual decision-making framework in there.  Similarly, Pokémon popping out of nowhere at random and joining you for no reason doesn’t add anything.  You need a system where individual Pokémon can react to stimuli in different ways and let past experiences influence their future actions, which would be kinda complicated.  Having to manage the personalities of six different Pokémon would also make it a very different kind of game.  There’s probably some middle ground in there between “Byzantine” and “pointless,” but I think it’d be tremendously easy to get stuff like this very wrong.  I’m okay with continuing to take this kind of thing slowly.

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