Anonymous asks:

Which came first, the creator or the ancestor? I would appreciate your thoughts on both the question and my theory. My theory is that long before there was stardust and the like there was pure energy, this energy was concentrated on two particular points in this Dimension? These points were constantly traveling and trying to take a physical shape. Eventually the points collided and the result was dormant energy being activated and creating the foundations of what will be our world arceus and mew

Well, my position on this whole mess is tricky because I actually refuse to believe that Mew is the ancestor of all Pokémon.  Scientists in the Pokémon world believe that Mew is the ancestor of all Pokémon because she has the DNA of all known Pokémon species.  They are wrong, however, because that is not how genetics and evolution (of the real-world Darwinian/Mendelian kind) work.  The whole point of evolution is that species change over time and acquire new traits through random mutation, some of which spread because they are useful and allow individuals which possess them to reproduce more effectively.  Things change.  If Mew is the common ancestor of all Pokémon and has the DNA of all modern Pokémon, then that would mean that no viable mutant traits have ever arisen in the history of Pokémon evolution, which is just nuts.  A “common ancestor” of all Pokémon ought to have most of the traits shared by all Pokémon, but none of the traits that make each individual species unique.  Basically I think that, in-universe, the scientists who discovered and described Mew are just completely off-base.  I can’t claim to know what she really is, but I think she’s actually a living genetic library, whose power is to absorb and preserve the DNA of other species, created by Arceus with the purpose of recording the evolutionary history of all Pokémon.

So that’s why I think the whole Arceus/Mew debate is irrelevant anyway.

I think speculating on what the beginning of existence was like in the Pokémon world is likely to be even less productive than speculating on what it was like in the real world, but I will note that your version presupposes the existence of both space (“particular points,” “travelling”) and time (“constantly,” “eventually”), which is a problem because this is all happening before Dialga and Palkia, who are supposed to have been created by Arceus (if the word “before” can even be thought to have any meaning without Dialga).  That, and I’m not sure what this is supposed to tell us.  There was energy, and then there was Arceus.  So what?  What consequences does this have for the way we see Arceus, Mew, or the universe?

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