Addendum to Dedenne by Z-Nogyrop:

I will it, and the internet makes it so!  Many thanks to Z-Nogyrop for the creation of more awesomeness!


Oh no I did a thiiiiiiiing


Dendatic- Zap Arrow Pokemon


HP- 87

Attack- 68

Defense- 77

Sp. Attack- 101

Sp. Def- 87

Speed- 121

New Moves- Flash Cannon, Zap Cannon, Pin Missile, Flamethrower, Nature Power, Focus Blast, Dazzling Gleam (remind me again why dedenne doesn’t already learn this), Signal Beam, Me First, Assist, Dark Pulse, Trick, Magic Arrow*

*Fairy, 90 power (because signature moves should always be better than their normal equivalents- I LOOK AT YOU, ZYGARDE), 100 accuracy, 10 PP, special, hits target’s physical defense

Same abilities, though I was kind of tempted to ditch Pickup for Mega Launcher.

Anyway this probably wasn’t exactly what you were looking for, but SCREW IT, I like it. Pin Missile is useless but flavourful, since, y’know, arrows. Zap Cannon was to have an Electric move that could be justified with the whole arrow-launching thing, Dark Pulse is in the same vein, Signal Beam because every other Electric-type (except Pachirisu, for some reason) learns it, Trick because I imagine this guy being pretty tricky, plus Dedenne already learns Thief and Covet. The name is up for changes, but I like it.

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