i was looking into x&y’s animation sprites in detail, and I think they give away a lot more about pokemon than the previous generations, what do you think of this? I love how archeops looks like it’s struggling to fly, how water pokemon look like actually being in water (eelektross looks hypnoticing) and how pokemon stand by, it shows a bit of their personalities imo (standing there, swaying, dancing…)

I love these.  Earlier battle animations did a lot to show off the Pokémon’s personality to a greater extent than static sprites and art, but the constant movement and attack animations of X and Y are so much more fluid and expressive that there’s just no comparison.  You mention Eelektross, whose possession of the Levitate ability just makes so much more sense now that we can visualise him that way; I’m also a huge fan of the way Blastoise levels his cannons to fire, Inkay and Malamar spin and rotate, Espurr and Meowstic lift their ears when using special attacks, or Flying Pokémon in general make wide swoops and dives.  Some of them aren’t great – like Salamence just kinda… hangs there in the air, not bothering to flap his wings like most Flying Pokémon do… which looks a bit odd.  Xatu also can’t help but look a bit ungainly in flight. For the most part though, I think the animations are well done and help the atmosphere a lot.

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