I was thinking about phantom force and other two-turned attacks ever since the Phantump and Trevenant article, and I’ve been thinking of a way that could improve all of them and make them much more useful in competitive circles. Instead of these moves being two-turned, how about having the move preparation have high priority, and the move execution have low priority, making them less predictable, and allowing them to dodge moves like they’re supposed to. So, a fair change, or too powerful?

So… as far as I can see, this actually makes Pokémon with Dig, Fly, Phantom Force and the like unbeatable except by Pokémon with (positive or negative) priority attacks of their own, or some kind of recoil ability like Ferrothorn’s Iron Barbs.  Step 1: Fly.  You automatically move first; you don’t get hit unless your opponent has Mach Punch or whatever and is also faster than you.  Step 2: Come down.  You automatically move second; you don’t get hit unless your opponent has something really weird like Vital Throw.  Step 3: Fly again.  You still don’t get hit.  Step 4: ???  Step 5: Profit!  Your opponent has plenty of free turns in there to switch in whatever they like to resist and counter your attacks, but who cares?  You can just pull the exactly same bull$#!t on that Pokémon unless it has a priority attack, or is outright immune (and even that just creates a stalemate).

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