Since you are a major fan of Grass Pokemon, and how a lot of Grass types fall into the same pitfalls, what are some things you might do to existing ones if given the opportunity to renovate them to make them more unique and powerful? I’m thinking primarily about a lot of the NU grass types like Bellossom, Cherrim, Victreebel, Carnivine and of course Vileplume

I think this has been sitting in my in-box for quite some time now.  I had a hectic week or three.  Sorry about that.  But now I’m sitting in the Houston airport for like four hours and have time to work through this rather menacing backlog of questions, so whatevs.

I think I had a question *like* this earlier in the year regarding changes to the type as a whole… yeah, here it is.  I think I might add to that a suggestion that maybe Solarbeam, having been charged up once, could fire repeatedly without charging again for as long as the Pokémon in question remained in play; that might make it somewhat more viable, particularly outside of dedicated sun teams.

Anyway, to the specific Pokémon… there are sort of quite a lot of them to give individualised answers to… but I can talk about Vileplume to give you an idea of the kind of direction I might take, because Vileplume is my favourite Pokémon.  Vileplume is actually on the up and up already in generation six.  X and Y, you may have noticed, kindly gifted her with some extra points in special attack, which helps a lot; I think a little more HP as well would not be out of the question, but I’m not going to make a fuss about it.  Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby also seem to have given Oddish (though not Gloom) Moonblast on her level-up list, and Moonblast kicks the living cr@p out of every other special coverage attack Vileplume has ever had (i.e. Tri Attack via Nature Power) as well as making good thematic sense, so that’s wonderful.  Anyway, what more can we do?  Giving a boost to Effect Spore, which is her Dream World ability, would help a lot, because as it stands Effect Spore is a terrible ability (a 30% chance to inflict a status condition, which you can’t choose, if you’re hit by a contact attack = at best a 10% chance of being useful), and her only other ability (Chlorophyll) is a really great ability for a sweeper, which Vileplume emphatically is not.  Let’s maybe say instead that Effect Spore could give perfect accuracy to ‘powder’ moves (Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Poisonpowder, Spore, Rage Powder, Cotton Spore and Powder) and lets them bypass Protect and Substitute.  If we really wanted to mix things up we could throw in a signature move – maybe ‘Allergen’ or something – that causes paralysis and confusion.  That would be nasty.

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