Since ORAS is the ‘in’ thing right now, I have a question: why do you think we need Relicanth and Wailord to access the Regi trio? Why those two specifically? Do Relicanth and Wailord share a symbiotic relationship of some sort?

If there is some special link between the two, nothing else hints at it… The golems were sealed away deliberately, so I would presume that the people responsible for that are also the ones who determined the mechanics of the lock; they probably chose Relicanth and Wailord for some reason.  They might have picked Wailord as being the largest Pokémon they knew of (and therefore strongest) and Relicanth as the oldest (and therefore wisest).  Alternatively, since the inscriptions claim that people actually lived in the chamber where the lock is located – which is at the bottom of the ocean – Wailord and Relicanth may both have been Pokémon that were central to their culture and way of life.  Or maybe it was that a Relicanth and a Wailord played an important part in subduing the golems and allowing them to be sealed away in the first place, and the people who built the lock wanted to honour them by making them the Pokémon that would open it.  Take your pick; not sure there’s enough information to be more definite.

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