Gen 2 introduced the idea of pokemon that ar extremely rare or impossible to catch until a herd on some days. This adds an exciting factor to the hunt when you have a small window of opportunity to find a certain pokemon, but all of these pokemon were bad. Azumarill got buffed over the years, yanma evolved, and dunsparce got niche uses, but back then they stank, and quilfish is still unusable. Gen 1’s safari zone rewarded your effort with good mons, so what gives here?

We-ell, I don’t know if it’s entirely fair to generation II to draw such a sharp distinction – generation I has its share of pretty useless Pokémon that are hidden away in frustrating places.  I mean, you mention that Azumarill and Yanma were much weaker originally than they are now, but the same is true of Scyther and Pinsir, who are some of the Safari Zone’s rarest Pokémon; Pinsir is rubbish in generation I (indeed, Pinsir is sub-par in everything up to and including generation V), and Scyther’s not great either.  And need I even bring up Porygon?  Meanwhile, one of the swarming Pokémon available in generation II is Tauros, who was amazing in generation I.  I think the main problem is that what makes a Pokémon ‘good’ is often kinda difficult to anticipate without actually using the damn thing for quite a while, and particularly in the beginning Game Freak a) didn’t have a whole lot of experience with that and b) didn’t really care all that much either.

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