Why are the female protagonists in the pokemon anime so flat? The only one that had a semblance of a personality was Misty, and she’s a b*&$&^. May and Dawn like pokemon contests, have weird hair… they’re… nice? That’s it. I can’t even describe Iris at all, she’s so boring. I never watched any of the X and Y series, so I assume that… whatever her name is, is totally flat and boring. Why bother? Where’s Brendan and plant-head to replace Ash?

To be honest I would suggest that the real problem here is that deep and complex characters are just not really a strength of the Pokémon anime in general.  I actually like Misty; I think that her more worldly, sometimes cynical attitude is a nice contrast to Ash’s unfettered idealism.  I’m not really familiar enough with the others to properly defend them, or invested enough in them to bother.

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