VikingBoyBilly asks:

There’s a fair bit of ninja pokemon: Greninja, Ninjask, Accelgor, Toxicroak, etc. Just for fun I’m going to add a Ninja Type. The pokemon that gamefreak chooses to exude ninja-ness are mostly composed of Poison, Bug, Dark, and Fighting types, so if we put those traits together, it’s weaknesses include fire, flying, ground, fairy… oh no! Those are the worst common type weaknesses, and we should throw in a weakness to pirate type attacks, but at least it resists fighting and ghost.

While you’re at it, I have a few additional new Pokémon types to suggest:

– Light (blinds you with bright lights; Grass-types are immune)
– Sound (deafens you with loud noises; Grass-types are immune again, because f&%$ you, that’s why)
– Taste (incapacitates foes with overpowering spices; strong against Psychic)
– Steam (because we have Water and Ice)
– Science (Fairy and Science are weak against each other)
– Antimatter (using one against a Pokémon of a different type annihilates both of them)
– Human (is actually an enslaved Pokéfan in cosplay)
– Potassium (like Steel but weak against Water and strong against bananas)
– Furniture (is good to sit on)
– Scottish (strong against Rock, Steel, Dark and alcohol, weak against the English)
– Spiders (not like Ariados or whatever; actually made of millions of tiny spiders)
– Hard Cheese (should require no explanation)
– Soft Cheese (similar to Hard Cheese but obviously is softer)

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