Why is Corsola in the Water1/Water3 egg group, and not Mineral? Water1 is composed of amphibians and aquatic mammals, and water 3 is shellfish and cephalopods. What in the distortion world IS coral?

Well, as I understand it, coral is a sort of communal organism not altogether unlike a jellyfish, but sedentary and hard-bodied, so Water 3 makes a lot of sense.  Water 1, to be honest, is composed of all kinds of insane nonsense and I’m not sure there’s any point looking for a consistent rationale there.  To me it seems like the primary idea of that group is ‘Water-types that are also comfortable on land,’ and Corsola does fit that, although it does put us in strange places when we start making comparisons to real-world evolutionary biology.  If anything I’m actually a lot more puzzled about Clamperl and Horsea being in that group.

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